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Our Story


Latsen CEO Dr Fan Wu learned at a young age about the difficult experience of losing a pet. With nearly one in three pets going missing in their lifetime,  Wu was determined to make a difference and change the lives of pets and their families for the better.


In 2018, he founded Latsen Technology Ltd. based in Liverpool, England.  By building a strong team skilled in cloud computing, system integration, software, and hardware development, Wu put his expertise and knowledge into developing a company that specializes in tracking solutions.


The initial product, the Pawfit pet location and activity tracker was designed specifically for pets and their families, a nod to Wu’s personal story, and was the first in Europe to combine GPS with activity tracking.


Latsen continues to focus its product development in this growing area, while also considering additional tracking opportunities for other markets to benefit many other groups.

latsen today

Latsen Today


Latsen is a leading technology company combining the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart hardware with independent research and development, brand promotion and operation capabilities, focused on creating innovative products that improve the lives of people and their pets.


Latsen designs and and creates every aspect of a product from the physical product to the software and interface. The Pawfit brand is the primary focus for Latsen today and the Pawfit Pet and Activity Tracker has become one of the top selling pet trackers on the market.


Having recently launched in the United States, the Pawfit brand from Latsen has grown impressively and has expanded with a full portfolio of support accessories, and a variety of subscription choices for users with additional new products on the way.


Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom, Latsen is a global company with support locations in the USA, Germany, Australia and China.

latsen tomorrow

Latsen Tomorrow


Pet health and safety is a top priority for pet owners everywhere, which presents massive growth potential in the pet market for the Pawfit brand.


Building off this solid foundation of work, Latsen has the capabilities and resources to bring advanced tracking technology products to many other additional aspects of human and pet lives.


From elder care, to automotive topics, and more - we aspire to build on our existing research and expertise to discover innovative ways to apply tracking technology to make the world a better place for all.

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