Pet Tracker

Our product, a state-of-the-art pet tracker, offers a comprehensive suite of features for pet care and safety. It includes precise location tracking, health monitoring, and movement recording. The device also functions as an information center, facilitating Internet of Things interactions and social media sharing platforms. It tracks your pet's location, walking distance, and calorie consumption, ensuring their activities meet health standards. Additionally, the tracker monitors your pet's health, alerting you to any abnormalities, and allows you to share your pet's activities and profile with a community of pet lovers.


Location Tracking

Pet loss is a major concern for owners, and our advanced pet tracker is designed to address this issue effectively. Equipped with a tracker and additional devices, it prevents pets from getting lost by allowing owners to pinpoint their location instantly, whether they're just down the street or miles away. This reliable technology ensures peace of mind by keeping your pets safe and traceable at all times.


Health Monitoring

Our pet tracker employs advanced sensors to monitor vital health metrics including body temperature, activity levels, breathing patterns, and calories consumed and burned. This comprehensive data provides a clear picture of your pet's health status. Should any of these metrics indicate an abnormality, the system promptly alerts both you and your veterinarian, ensuring timely intervention for your pet's well-being.

Exercise Recording

The pet tracker meticulously records your pet's daily activities with precision, including walking distance, step count, and energy expenditure. By providing these insights, we assist you in creating a tailored exercise regimen for your pet, ensuring they maintain optimum health and happiness as they grow.



Pet owners can share their pet's photos and experiences on social platforms, connecting with a community of fellow pet enthusiasts. This feature not only enhances the joy of pet ownership but also provides a supportive network for advice. In times of minor issues or uncertainties with their pets, owners can seek guidance from this community, offering quick solutions without always needing to consult a vet. This social aspect adds a valuable dimension to the pet-owning experience.

Diet Monitoring

Worried about your pet being alone at home and needing food or water? Our innovative solution is the automatic feeder, controllable remotely via cellphone. This allows you to feed your pet anytime, from anywhere, ensuring they never go hungry or thirsty when you're away. Stay tuned for the launch of this convenient, worry-free product – it's coming soon, and we're excited for you to experience it!


Location Tracking Device

We specialize in developing a range of location tracking products, designed for monitoring assets like cars, goods, and pets. These devices provide real-time, accurate location information. Our goal is to create a world where people, pets, and valuable items are closely connected, facilitating seamless information exchange and communication. We envision a future where everything is interconnected, ensuring that nothing and no one is ever lost.


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