Pet Tracker

Our product is a cutting-edge pet tracker, featuring the function of location tracking, health monitoring, movement recording and information center internet of things interaction, FB sharing, etc. Our product monitors your pet’s health condition. When your pet goes out, it tracks your pet’s exact location. It records your pet’s walking distance and calorie consumed to assess whether its exercise reaches the healthy standard. Pet tracker monitors your pet’s health condition and notifies you if there is any abnormal condition which may occur. It also allows you share your pet's activity, trip and profile to major social platforms, so other pet lovers can share the fun of raising pet.


Location Tracking

Pet loss has always been the owner’s major concern. But our pet tracker could solve this problem once for all, for this pet tracker developed by us includes tracker and other devices to prevent the pets to get lost. Wherever they are, either down the street or miles away, our product can track their location in a second.


Health Monitoring

Pet tracker uses sensor to monitor your pet’s body temperature, activity, breath, calorie consumed and burned. All these data can reflect your pet’s health condition. When these data is abnormal, they will notify you and your doctor in time.

Exercise Recording

Pet tracker records the pet’s daily activity thoroughly and accurately including walking distance, number of steps, energy consumption, etc. We help you to establish a reasonable exercise plan to help your pet keep healthy and make sure they grow up happy and healthy.



Pet owner could share their pet’s photo on the social platform with the other pet lovers to enjoy the fun life of raising pets. What’s more important is that when the owners run into trouble with their pets, they could always seek help from the social platform to solve the little problem without consulting the vet

Diet Monitoring

When your pet’s is home alone, what if she gets thirsty and hungry? To solve this problem, we developed automatic feeder which can be controlled remotely with cellphone, allowing you to feed your pet anytime and anywhere. You will never have to worry about your pet getting hungry or thirsty. This product will be launched shortly! Let’s expect it together!


Location Tracking Device

We develop a series of location tracking products to be used on men, cars, goods and pets to track the location and grasp the latest and accurate information. It is our ultimate purpose to connect people, pets and things closely related to us to exchange and communicate information. To connect everything in this world and never lose anyone or anything.


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