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About Us

Latsen is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in the research and development of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing related products.

Product Development

Latsen has a team of highly skilled experts, who is dedicated to developing smart products with high performance and advanced features to lead the market.

The first product Latsen develops is a pet's location and activity tracker. This product provides the smarter, convenient way to care for your pet, making sure your pets are healthy, safe and happy, wherever they may go.


Main Features

The product includes location tracking, activity monitoring and other security features such as audio assistance. It monitors the pet’s daily exercise, sleep and energy intake. The product also offers advanced functionalities like an integrated pet food database, which assists owners in understanding their pet's nutritional needs. It also analyzes pet behavior, detects health conditions, and interprets mood.

Our Team

Our team, comprised of key members from renowned universities, brings together professional expertise, a global outlook, substantial funding, and exceptional marketing capabilities. This powerful combination positions us to continuously innovate in the IoT space, developing superior and distinctive products that set market trends.

CEO & Founder

The CEO of Latsen, a UK-educated doctorate holder in Electronics Engineering and Image Processing, spent nearly a decade working at a globally recognized defense electronic technology firm. There, he contributed to numerous cutting-edge projects, covering aspects from demand analysis to algorithm research and system architecture. He's an expert in electronic technology, with extensive experience in product development, algorithmic research and project management. Additionally, his significant theoretical and practical contributions in signal and image processing have been notable.


Our CTO, with a master degree from a prestigious redbrick university, has a decade-long career in world-class corporations, including HSBC and HP. He brings in-depth expertise in system architecture, big data analysis, and cloud computing. As an engineer possessing substantial industry experience, he plays a pivotal role in supporting both product and business development, utilizing his comprehensive technical knowledge and strategic insight.

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